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We Let Our Homeowners Do the Talking

Over the last few months we’ve had the privilege of welcoming dozens of families into to their new homes here at Kensington. It’s been exciting seeing everyone move in and get to know one another. When you have a moment, see what some of our homeowners have to say about living here at Kensington!

Please note, we are down to our final 11 homes here at Kensington. This is the last chance to move into a new home in Langley’s very first pedestrian oriented community, Willoughby Town Centre, for years to come.

Living an Active Healthy Lifestyle is Easy in Langley’s Willoughby Neighbourhood

Willoughby Healthy Lifestyle

As we head into the summer months, many of us have health and fitness top of mind. Who wouldn’t with beach/bathing suit weather upon us? Having a plan for to live a more active lifestyle will help attain your goals. And having a home in one of the area’s most active communities is sure to help as well!

Everything you need to experience a healthy lifestyle can be found right here in Willoughby.

Take a stroll.

Willoughby Town Centre is Langley’s first pedestrian oriented mixed use community. Residents here are always on the go. Whether they are headed down to Mattu’s for their morning coffee or over to Hakam’s Independent Grocer for a loaf of bread nothing is worth getting into the car for – it’s all a quick walk!

Hit the gym.

Exercise not only improves your flexibility, controls weight, strengthens and tones, it also improves your quality of life by helping you sleep, lifting your mood, and reducing stress. The Willoughby Community Centre located at the Langley Events Centre (a 5 minute walk away) offers drop-in fitness classes as well as a fitness studio and high performance fitness room. There are also several bootcamps in the area, like Body Buster Fitness, The Bootcamp Effect and Breakout Bootcamp that are great options.

Healthy eats.

Eating well is important to getting all the nutrients your body needs. Sticking to a healthy diet will keep you feeling energized and looking fresh. Located within Willoughby Town Centre, Hakam’s Your Independent Grocer, has a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy made natural food options to meet your tastes and diet. The Langley Community Farmers Market (Wednesdays) at Kwantlen University, and the Fort Langley Village Farmers Market (Saturdays) are also both great sources of local farm fresh produce, gluten-free baking and natural products.

Partner up and have fun.

Getting active and eating healthy with a friend is a great way to stay focused and stop procrastinating. Stats show those who work out in a group setting exercise up to 200% longer than those who prefer to go unaccompanied.

We hope you find this information useful for getting you on the path for a healthy and active summer!

History of Willoughby Town Centre

Willoughby has been a place built on a sense of community dating back before the 1920s.

Over 100 years have passed since Willoughby H. Singer noticed that this area of Langley had the potential to be a bustling hub. With its proximity to the original Hudson Bay Company’s farm lands, it was the obvious next area to begin to thrive.

The Willoughby Store 1920sEnvisioning the future, Willoughby H. Singer, opened a post office in the one and only store here, in 1921, and it was at that point that the area took the name Willoughby. The community began to grow and in 1922, the community hall was built, followed in 1924 by a church.

Soon after, Willoughby had become the place for both social gatherings and doing business. By coming together as a community, it gave them a sense of identity.

That feeling of community will always be a part of the Willoughby heritage and one we will continue to cultivate.