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New COVID Updates

With the recent directive from Dr. Bonnie Henry, there are some additional measures being put in place at the various business located at Willoughby Town Centre. While many businesses already have stringent measures in place, this new two week order, has required some businesses to further adjust.

Please be sure to check with each business for their revised protocols if needed.  We have compiled the ones we know of currently who have had to make additional changes due to the recent 2 week health order. The other businesses will continue to provide COVID safety measures for their customers and their staff.

Oxygen Yoga – Closed to studio yoga & fitness classes for the next two weeks. However, they will be offering FREE live classes virtually to their members during this time. Watch their Instagram account for continued updates. 

Willoughby Doctors of Optometry – Will remain open, but will also follow the new health policy, that requires anyone who is in a clinical setting will be required to wear a medical grade mask. Watch their Instagram account for continued updates.

Mudo Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness – Clarification from Fraser Health will be coming tomorrow to confirm that individual training may continue. Please watch their Facebook page for updated details.

DLUX Treasures for the Home – Mask are now mandatory for shopping at the store. Watch their Instagram account for continued updates.

The Residences and New Commercial Progress

We are pleased to share some more updates surrounding the progress of The Residences at Willoughby Town Centre and new commercial space.

If you’ve been visiting Willoughby Town Centre you will notice that construction is surging ahead.

The concrete for the Parkade has been completed and the remainder of the slab concrete has been scheduled for the end of July/early August, and framing has begun on building A.

More images and details to come….

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Willoughby Reopening

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness at Willoughby Town Centre is pleased to announce that they will be reopening their doors to welcome you back on July 2.

Oxygen Yoga Reopening

They are following the directions of the BC Provincial Health Authorities to maintain a safe experience for you all. As part of that there are a number of things for your review before attending.

  1. Be prepared to answer questions about your (and your families) health and travel outside of Canada.
  2. You will need to pre-register for the classes and out of respect, please only register for one class a day.
  3. Arrive ready for class and with minimal personal items – cubbies, bathrooms, and water cooler will be closed for the time being.
  4. Wait outside studio for classes, maintaining social distancing.
  5. Follow instructions for leaving classes
  6. If you aren’t at your best, please stay home.

Are you going to restart your membership as of July 2? Please contact the studio directly at [email protected] 


Yorkson Creek Veterinary Clinic – Service with Social Distance

Yorkson Creek Veterinary Clinic  has remained open during this pandemic, as it was deemed an essential service.

In order to keep their both their human and pet clients and staff safe, Yorkson Creek Veterinary Clinic, has refrained from allowing the public into the hospital. During this time, the clinic has been taking client histories and providing physical exam findings and care plans over the phone.

Thankfully there has been no transmission between dogs and cats and people of COVID. Our feline and canine companions are not a risk to us. Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) are deemed essential as they play an important role in keeping the public safe from zoonotic diseases such as Rabies, Ringworm and other skin parasites, certain intestinal parasites. Diseases that can have devastating effects on people that acquire them.

The staff at Yorkson Creek Veterinary Clinic wants to thank their amazing clients for their continued support during this time!