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Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Willoughby Reopening

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness at Willoughby Town Centre is pleased to announce that they will be reopening their doors to welcome you back on July 2.

Oxygen Yoga Reopening

They are following the directions of the BC Provincial Health Authorities to maintain a safe experience for you all. As part of that there are a number of things for your review before attending.

  1. Be prepared to answer questions about your (and your families) health and travel outside of Canada.
  2. You will need to pre-register for the classes and out of respect, please only register for one class a day.
  3. Arrive ready for class and with minimal personal items – cubbies, bathrooms, and water cooler will be closed for the time being.
  4. Wait outside studio for classes, maintaining social distancing.
  5. Follow instructions for leaving classes
  6. If you aren’t at your best, please stay home.

Are you going to restart your membership as of July 2? Please contact the studio directly at [email protected] 


ReOpening’s Begin

Willoughby Town Centre ReOpenings

Businesses that temporarily closed due to #COVID19 have been putting measures in place to be ready to comply with safety for both clients and staff, and will be slowly opening again.

Please visit the Willoughby Town Centre businesses’ social media and websites for more detailed information, as their openings are ever-evolving.

European Deli Opens in Willoughby

We are excited to announce that YourOh! Deli is now open at Willoughby Town Centre and we asked Andrea and Vlad to share why they wanted to open an European deli in the Willoughby area.

YourOh Deli - European Deli

Bound by the love of their daughter and their love of food, business partners Andrea Macikova and Vlad Forgac had tossed around the idea of opening their own deli. With Andrea working at a Polish deli for six years, her neighbour suggested she have a look at Willoughby Town Centre – which was right in the midst of an expansion. It was late August 2017 and it was love at first sight for both Andrea and Vlad who saw the potential in the area and their new venture…A Taste of Europe Deli.

With lease negotiations under way, attempts were made to register the name but anything with Europe, Euro, Europa or European was quickly rejected. Vlad became particularly frustrated and decided to get creative with the spelling – and YourOh! Deli was born. As a marketer, getting the chance to create a brand and market that brand, raised his level of interest in the project ten-fold.

While Andrea designed the interior and planned the ordering, the Guliker Group got to work on the drawings and Rob and Monika Molnar (Robo’s Reliable Renos) hunkered down on the build. With delays at every turn (the deli was scheduled to open Aug. 15th, 2018), Vlad and Andrea finally opened the doors on Dec. 27th, 2018 – with tremendous help from Andrea’s son, Martin.

YourOh Deli - European Deli

The reception from the community has been overwhelming with many saying, “Finally, we thought you’d never open!” Andrea and Vlad were beginning to think the same. “It was particularly glorious and momentous to tear down the ugly, dusty brown paper and blue tape from the windows on the night of the 26th,” said Vlad.

Together with Martin, Andrea is back in her element greeting people and sharing her passion for European flavours.

We look forward to being your neighbourhood, European deli for many years to come,” added Andrea.