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Trendsetting lifestyle at Kensington

You know them instantly. Vivacious, creative, and usually possessed of a delightful sense of the whimsical and innovative, they’re the people who are never content to simply live life — they transform every moment of every day into a celebration. One such person is Cheryl. A self-confessed trendsetter and free-spirited personal chef, Cheryl is also one of the very first people who fell in love with the village ambiance of Kensington in Langley.

At the heart of it all in Langley

When designer Kimberly Hildebrand first approached the design of the display suites at Kensington at Willoughby Town Centre, she decided it was time to rebel. She wanted, first of all, to rebel against any public preconceptions of its Langley locale. With notions of the suburb can come old-school preconceived views of a life that is quiet but dull, of a community designed around car use, of six-lane thoroughfares, big-box chain stores on sprawling lots and drive-thru restaurants.