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Willoughby Post Office Grand Opening

The Willoughby Town Centre Post Office located in Shoppers Drug Mart will be opening Thursday Feb 23rd.  However, if you are are looking for a P.O. Box, they will have staff on hand Feb 22nd at 9am. Currently there are 30 boxes. First come first serve.

Willoughby Post Office Grand Opening

Shoppers Drug Mart will be giving out coupons for 8000 Optimum points for customers who open P.O. boxes on the 22nd and their customers on the 23rd, Grand Opening Day.

Also on Grand Opening Day, they will have basket draws of Prestige Beauty Boutique items, Balloons for the kids, Coffee and Tea.

Post Office Hours: (Beginning Feb 23, 2017)

Mon to Fri   9AM – 9PM
Sat 10AM – 6PM
Sun 12PM – 4PM




Willoughby Post Office to Open Soon

We are excited to announce that a new Willoughby Post Office will be opening in the Shoppers Drug Mart at Willoughby Town Centre.

The expected date of opening will be February 22, 2017.

Willouighby Post Office

To celebrate the upcoming post office opening, Valentine’s Day and Shoppers Drug Mart’s Optimum Super Redemption (Spend Your Points Plus) Event, Shoppers will be hosting a Love Letters Event on February 11th.

More details will be added as we get closer to the official opening of the post office.

SmileTown Dentistry Embraces Willoughby

We recently had the chance to check in with Dr. Karim Kanani, who along with Dr. Diya Chadha are dentists at the new SmileTown Dentistry office at Willoughby Town Centre.


Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Dr. Kanani shared that when he first found out about Willoughby Town Centre, he was very excited. He likes that it is a beautiful, new complex with many retail outlets and is well maintained. He also likes that everyone he has met has been very friendly and welcoming. He knew this would be the perfect location for a dental office specifically catered to children and teens.  Not only does the neighborhood have a very strong community which is important to him, it is also in an area with tremendous growth and development.


When it comes to dental care for children, there is no “one size fits all” method. They understand that some children are more anxious than others in a dental setting and need more time to adjust. Their goal is to give your child the most memorable experience possible, in a comforting environment. Aside from the basic preventive services, they also offer additional services to help alleviate discomfort and keep your child at ease. These include Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas), oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia in a private surgery center. SmileTown Dentistry wants what is best for your child and  will work together, with you to make that happen.

More about SmileTown Dentistry

SmileTown Dentistry Langley is a new dental office designed especially for children. Your children will be immersed into the underwater-themed office with fun characters throughout, including a 3D coral backdrop with a diving pug, bright, colorful murals and a plethora of gaming stations and entertainment for kids of all ages.

brushingstation receptionfull

As a parent, you’ll be able to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, while your child receives quality, professional dental care and superior customer service from their amazing children’s dentistry team.

Whether you’re a new parent starting your first child out on the path of lifelong dental care, or you’re a busy parent looking for a convenient location for all your children’s dental health care needs, SmileTown Dentistry Langley is the right place because There Is No Place Like It!

Dr. Kanani and Dr.Chadha would like to invite you to their Neighbourhood Open House taking place on September 21st, 2016 at 6pm. Please contact [email protected] by September 14th to RSVP.

SmileTown Dentistry Langley Open House


Willoughby Notary Public – Shergill Notary


We got a chance to catch up with Balbir (Brenda) Shergill recently. It was a pleasure learning more about her and her Willoughby Notary Public business, Shergill Notary which she has opened in Willoughby Town Centre. With all of the bustling activity happening in the area, we know that having a skilled Notary Public just around the corner is hugely beneficial to our community.

pictureBrenda started her journey to become a notary public seven years ago when she returned to school to finish her degree and then her Masters degree, which are the requirements to become a BC Notary Public.

We asked Brenda to explain what a BC Notary Public can do, and we were impressed by all the services that can be provided.  In addition to the traditional services notaries are known to provide, Notaries in BC can process the transfer of property. This includes buying, selling, and refinancing property.

BC Notaries can also prepare your Personal Planning documents which include Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representations Agreements, and Advance Directives (formerly known as a Living Will).

Here are a few tips that Brenda provided regarding Wills:

Who should have a Will?

  • *Anyone who has assets;
  • *Anyone who is married;
  • *Anyone who has kids – minor, adults, and disabled kids; and
  • *Anyone who has a blended family.

 What happens if a person dies without a Will?

  • *Someone has to apply to court to get appointed as an Administrator;
  • *Legislation sets out who will get your estate and how much they will get;
  • *The government will decide who will take care of your minor/disabled children; and

What is a Power of Attorney (POA) and why should I have one?

  • *POA authorizes another person to deal with your legal and financial matters
  • *A POA is used in the event you need someone to make financial and legal decisions for you. This could be because you are not available (e.g. temporarily absent from the area) or incapable of making decisions (e.g. in a coma).

Please find out more about the newest Willoughby Notary Public serving the Willoughby Community – Shergill Notary here.

Artisan Pizza Coming to Willoughby Town Centre

Personal Pizza Company Artisan Pizza

We are excited to announce that an Artisan Pizza business will be opening at Willoughby Town Centre.

The concept:

The concept behind the company is simple – using the latest oven technology, they can produce personalized, freshly prepared, fire roasted pizzas in under 120 seconds.

What makes them unique?

Fast and Fresh: Customers can watch as their own artisan pizza is freshly prepared and ready to eat in under 120 seconds. There are no warming racks, display cases or reheating a pre-cooked pizza or slice.

We Serve Artisan Pizza: Artisan pizzas consist of a thin, crispy crust which is topped with premium ingredients often not found in traditional pizzas. Artisan pizzas are fire-baked for approximately 3 minutes (120 seconds in our ovens) at over 800 degrees before being served hot and fresh to the customer.

Choice of Premium Toppings: Our concept lets each customer choose exactly what they want on their pizza at no additional cost. This would include a variety of sauces and over 25 premium toppings such as wood smoked bacon, artichokes and fresh basil.

Is this making your mouth water yet?

More details to come.

Expected opening – Late 2015.