Personal Pizza Company Artisan Pizza

Artisan Pizza Coming to Willoughby Town Centre

Personal Pizza Company Artisan Pizza

We are excited to announce that an Artisan Pizza business will be opening at Willoughby Town Centre.

The concept:

The concept behind the company is simple – using the latest oven technology, they can produce personalized, freshly prepared, fire roasted pizzas in under 120 seconds.

What makes them unique?

Fast and Fresh: Customers can watch as their own artisan pizza is freshly prepared and ready to eat in under 120 seconds. There are no warming racks, display cases or reheating a pre-cooked pizza or slice.

We Serve Artisan Pizza: Artisan pizzas consist of a thin, crispy crust which is topped with premium ingredients often not found in traditional pizzas. Artisan pizzas are fire-baked for approximately 3 minutes (120 seconds in our ovens) at over 800 degrees before being served hot and fresh to the customer.

Choice of Premium Toppings: Our concept lets each customer choose exactly what they want on their pizza at no additional cost. This would include a variety of sauces and over 25 premium toppings such as wood smoked bacon, artichokes and fresh basil.

Is this making your mouth water yet?

More details to come.

Expected opening – Late 2015.