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March is Nutrition Month

March Nutrition Month

Did you know that March is National Nutrition month?

We reached out to Kristy Yee – who is a Registered Dietitian that works with Hakam’s and were please see some upcoming events for March.

NUTRITION WORKSHOP: Super Speedy Snacks!

(FREE – by registration)
Thursday, March 19th (Langley) 5 – 6PM
When life gets busy and you’re juggling many activities, healthy eating can fall by the wayside. Are you tired of always feeling hungry and not having a healthy snack to grab? Your In-store Dietitian is here to help you! Come and learn tips on how you can make sure you always have nutritious, delicious snacks when on the run. We’ll discuss tips on choosing foods that pair well to keep you full, mindful eating, and navigating nutrition labels. This workshop involves light walking and spots are limited. Register today
with Kristy by email ( or in person at the store! Registration required.

TOUR & TASTE: Plant Based Eating!

($20/person – by registration)
Saturday, March 28 2-3pm
Have you or someone in your life recently adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet? Trying to figure out how to cook meatless meals doesn’t have to be a huge stress. Join your in-store dietitian Kristy for this hands-on nutrition tour & taste! Walk the aisles to discover healthy alternatives and finish off with a little bit of tasting. You will also receive resources to take home with you. This workshop involves light walking and spots are limited! Register today with Kristy by email ( or in person at the store! Registration required.


(by appointment)
Do you have a nutrition goal in mind? Need nutrition help in the aisles? Your in-store dietitian is here to help! Sit down with Kristy to receive a complete nutrition assessment of your eating habits and a nutrition plan tailored to you. Walk the aisles with Kristy to discover meal ideas that are right for you and your family. Or, do both! Personalized nutrition services include*:
– Individual nutrition counseling, shop with our dietitian shopping service, nutrition packages with exclusive welcome kit


Kristy is a Registered Dietitian with Hakam’s Your Independent Grocer. She is part of a network of more than 90 dietitians who provide services like one-on-one consultations, assisted shopping, school tours and recipe ideas at locations across the country. To book an appointment, please visit

Wildflowers Style & Co. Celebrates One Year Anniversary

We took the opportunity to check in with Wildflowers Style & Co. owner Amy Jow as she prepares to celebrate her one year anniversary at Willoughby Town Centre with an Anniversary celebration & SALE on Friday, Nov. 8th, 6-8 pm.

We asked Amy what her favourite thing was about Wildflowers Style & Co. opening in Langley.

Amy shared that she loves choosing the upcoming seasons styles and new trends and searching for new brands to bring into the boutique

She focuses on bringing in styles that work for women with busy lifestyles. Looking good and feeling excited about your wardrobe is empowering. What you choose to wear to work or on the weekend wear should not be a hassle it should be effortless. Amy wants her clients to be able to have access to styles that are on trend, age appropriate and not cost a fortune. Her goal is to keep with that boutique feel, with unique lines and styles and make it a more personal shopping experience.

As we move from one season into the next, we asked Amy what season she loved the most.

Amy’s favourite season is definitely Fall. She loves having the options of layering and mixing up pieces that you can transition into the colder months. A huge trend she is loving this season is the classic plaid revisited.

Finally, we asked what Amy is liking about the Willoughby community.

Amy shared that she has lived in Willoughby for over 6 years and Langley her whole life. So she knows how much this community is growing. She thinks it is important to get to know people in the community that she lives and works in. Willoughby has an energetic and unique vibe. She loves that it is a walkable centre that you can get out and explore, and support local. The residents are always friendly and supportive. It is a great mix of younger and older generations.

Wildflowers Style & Co. Anniversary

Grilling All Autumn Long with Local Produce

Grilling Nutrition

Thanks to what seems like the hottest summer ever, it seems everyone is looking forward to this cooler weather and the bounty of produce that will be harvested in British Columbia this fall. The grocery store is filling with a variety of beautifully fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables. Walking through each aisle of the produce department, it’s so exciting to see local fare including many varieties of apples and pears, bright purple beets, huge heads of cauliflower, sweet corn, many colors of peppers and so much more.

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is essential to an overall healthy lifestyle, as these foods provide the body with the nutrients necessary for optimal health. All fruits and vegetables are a source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and contain antioxidants.

During this transition in weather, why not enjoy the bounty of the season while preserving any ounce of warm weather there is left. Throw all this produce on the backyard grill to bring out the flavor with the char and caramelization of a flame. Slice cauliflower lengthwise into ‘steaks’, slice peppers into quarters, and remove the husks from corn. Simply drizzle or brush vegetables with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, and your favorite herbs and spices. Place directly on the grill or on skewers. Cook, turning every few minutes until charred on all sides. The grilling possibilities also extend to fruits. Sprinkle apple or pear wedges with cinnamon and place directly on the grill. There really is no vegetable or fruit that cannot be grilled, get creative!

Grilling can help with batch cooking for packed lunches and dinners on busy weeknights. Add leftover grilled cauliflower florets to fresh greens and sprinkle with chopped walnuts or pumpkin seeds. Drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette for a side salad with dinner. Prepare an extra few cobs of corn, a pepper and some chicken breasts on the grill with supper to use in the Chicken Confetti Salad below. Stir in some quinoa or couscous prepared the night before and this is a complete meal that can be eaten cold right out of the lunchbox.

The whole meal doesn’t need to be prepared on the grill if there is not enough room for everything. Throw some bean burgers or pork chops on the grill and prepare an apple slaw in the meantime. Extra proteins can be re-vamped the next day for a tossed salad or warm skillet. My favourite apple varieties for a fresh slaw is a Gala or Pazazz, as they are crunchy and so sweet. Purple cabbage adds a bite, beautiful pop of color and is rich in antioxidants.

At Hakam’s Your Independent Grocer, when you see ‘Local’ on the shelf tag, which means the produce was grown within 150 kilometers of your local store. The short transportation time required to ship within this geographical region means that the produce is fresh and excellent quality when it reaches your fridge (and the grill) at home.

Chicken Confetti Salad

1 lb (500 g) PC Blue Menu Air Chilled Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
2 tbsp (25 mL) chopped fresh coriander
1/4 tsp (1 mL) each salt & freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup (125 mL) PC Salsa Ranch Dressing
2 tbsp (25 mL) PC Splendido Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 sweet red pepper diced
1 large celery stalk diced
1 small red onion diced
2 cups (500 mL) PC Frozen Peaches & Cream Corn thawed
1. Preheat barbecue to medium-high.
2. Brush chicken breasts with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place on greased grill. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes per side or until cooked through. Meanwhile, in large bowl, toss together corn, red pepper, celery, onion, dressing and coriander.
3. Divide corn salad among four plates; top with chicken breasts.

Makes 4 servings
Per serving: 424 calories, fat 20 g, sodium 525 mg, carbohydrate 23 g, fibre 3.5 g, protein 38 g

Recipe source:

Whitney is a Registered Dietitian with Hakam’s Your Independent Grocer. She is part of a network of more than 90 dietitians who provide services like one-on-one consultations, assisted shopping, school tours and recipe ideas at locations across the country. To book an appointment, please visit