Bubble Tea Langley

Bubble Tea Comes to Willoughby Town Centre

Bubble Tea Langley
Photo credit: Nicole Vanderwell


Mattu’s Coffee & Tea is happy to announce that they are now offering Bubble Tea. This popular drink comes originally comes from Taiwan, but has been working its way across North America for the last few years.

What is Bubble Tea?

Also known as pearl milk, it is a combination of tea, milk and tapioca balls.  Mattu’s is also featuring coconut jelly as an option as well. 

taro coconut bubble tea
Photo credit: Stephanie Leighland

On the menu the options includes Refreshers, Milk Tea, Milk Slush and Real Fruit Slush.  For each of these you can choose your preferred tea and then up to 2 flavorings.

Stop by Mattu’s today to try your favorite bubble tea, or maybe find a new favorite and share it below in the comments.