Bone & Biscuit Langley

Bone & Biscuit Built with Love

The Bone & Biscuit Co., located at B125 20689 Willoughby Town Centre Drive at Willoughby Town Centre is an incredible business that was built with love.

Julia Pelley did not plan on opening a pet supply store in Langley, but things changed when her beautiful puppy Gracey got ill. After spending a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong, Julia was able to find healthy, natural dog food and nutrition that helped to make Gracey better again, at another local Bone & Biscuit location.

Bone & Biscuit Langley

Julia just knew that she needed to help make access to natural, healthy pet food and product lines easier for all the pet owners in her community.

The Bone & Biscuit Co. has everything for your pets, including the finest, high quality raw, dry and canned food, natural supplements and fun, pet-friendly toys and products to pamper your love one.